Experts Say On Feeding Cow’s Milk to Children!

27-11-2018 Experts Say On Feeding Cow’s Milk to Children! Cow’s milk is considered to be one of the most healthy and nutrient pack drinks for both children and adults. Though various nutritionists have different view regarding feeding cow’s milk to young children, but overall it is still the first choice of milk after breast milk for kids. Until and unless your kid is casein intolerant or allergic to any component of cow’s milk, it is a very good drink option for him or her. According to manufacturer of organic Cow milk Gurgaon, by the age of two, a healthy kid should be consuming 480 to 720ml of milk daily.

Benefits of cow’s milk for kids!
  • There is no denial of the fact that cow’s milk is a complete meal for children above 2 years. 80 percent of the milk contains case in which releases protein in the body from time to time while remaining 20 percent is whey protein which is not only easily digestible and highly absorbable but also helps the body in building muscle mass, fighting infections and tissue repair. It contains all the nine essential amino acids which are very important in growth years of the children. Natural Cow milk Gurgaon is a good option for keeping children healthy and wise.
  • It will be interesting to note that experts in their research found that children who consumed around three cups of cow’s milk in a day were approximately 1 to 2 cm taller than the children who had plant based or other animals based milk. This clearly indicates that cow’s milk has important role to play in physical development and overall health of the children. Order Cow milk online Gurgaon, and aid in physical development of children.
  • According to another finding by a group of researchers, cow’s milk has equally important contribution development or brain and nervous system of the kids. Cow’s milk is a rich source of vitamin B which ensures healthy functioning of brain, sleep-wake cycles of the child and nervous system. DHA levels of children drinking cow’s milk have been higher than DHA levels of children drinking milk from other sources. Fresh milk online Gurgaon is all you need for the upraising a brainy child.
  • Cow’s milk is a rich source of calcium and potassium required for teeth and bone development of kids in their early years. It plays an important role in increasing bone strength and bone mineral density in both kids and adults.
  • Apart from that cow’s milk is also a very good source of choline. This choline helps in synthesis of a neurotransmitter caller acetylcholine required for regulating mood, memory and intelligence quotient in growing children.
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